Value Proposition – The Biggest Failure

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Recently I had to write a paper on value proposition for a class and it got me thinking about the value that we bring to the table beyond a company or product.

Value proposition, in my opinion is a simple concept that many fail to execute. It’s simply the value, or benefit that you are giving to, or providing the customer. If your company or product has no value proposition, no one will be interested in buying your product or signing up for your service.

This concept applies to more than just the business world, it applies to college life and life after graduation. Career fairs are a great example of that. It’s important to understand that after you’ve graduated, you will be get a slip of paper with your degree just like everyone else in your class. In addition to the knowledge you’ve procured through your education, what else separates you from your peers, your competition? What is your value proposition? Every club you’re involved in, every internship you take, and every project you do is your value. It’s what sets you apart. That’s your value proposition. Find your value and sell it.
They say getting a college education is crucial and that it’ll help you get a job and support a family, but is it really the education you get in your classes or what you learn outside of that classroom.

What’s your value proposition?

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