So You’re About To Book Your First Solo Trip?

So you’re about to book your first solo trip. You have a thousand questions and anxieties running through your body. What will I do? How will I meet people? What if there’s an emergency? What will I eat? Where will I go? First! Take a step back. Breathe, it’ll be ok! My first real solo trip was my study abroad … Continue readingSo You’re About To Book Your First Solo Trip?

9 Lessons Learned From Solo Travel

I first started solo traveling when I started consulting with Accenture. I absolutely loved traveling since I’d studied abroad in Spain and France, and being a traveling consultant allowed me to take more trips and save money for my solo trips. One week, while I was staffed in St. Louis, I had the option to head back to San Francisco … Continue reading9 Lessons Learned From Solo Travel

Jay’s Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

A few months ago, after leaving my last company, I was in search of experiencing something new. I’ve always been a fan of solo trips in the past. My first solo trip was to Mexico City, where I stayed in a hostel while I worked remote. That was quickly followed by trips to Cancun to go scuba-diving, Stockholm and Helsinki … Continue readingJay’s Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist