Toledo, Spain – The Ancient City

On Saturday, we took a day long trip to Toledo, just southwest and a half-hour train ride from Madrid. We decided to take the scenic tour around Toledo, and it was beyond what I had expected. Toledo is truly a beautiful city. It rests on a hill surrounded by a river and large stone walls built throughout the centuries to keep out … Continue readingToledo, Spain – The Ancient City

La Alcalá de Henares Spain

On Friday, we took a half day trip to the northwest region of Spain called “La Alcalá de Henares”. It was the home of Cervantes through the 16th century and the early 17th century. Over time the city has grown to gather influences from Spanish and Italian culture. Many of it’s streets are similar to those that can be found … Continue readingLa Alcalá de Henares Spain

La Museo de Reina Sofia Madrid Spain

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to visit the Queen Sofia Museum in downtown Madrid. The museum showcases work from Picasso, Dalí, and Marí. We attended the museum to take a closer look at one of Picasso’s more famous paintings, the Guernica. Guernica was painted in 1937 by Picasso after he had fled Spain for France due to Dictator Franco’s … Continue readingLa Museo de Reina Sofia Madrid Spain

Mi Casa en Madrid – Studying in Spain

The past few days have been pretty exhilarating to say the least in Madrid. I’ve finally recovered from jet lag, and have begun exploring many of the different areas around my host family’s house. We live on a fairly quite street, but around the corner, is an entirely different view. I’ve come to learn that I live next to Senate Building and … Continue readingMi Casa en Madrid – Studying in Spain