Floating Islands of Halong Bay

During my last trip to South East Asia, Vietnam was pretty high up there on my list of places to visit. I’d just finished my trip through Thailand, visiting Pai, up in the mountains of northern Thailand, and had just arrived in Vietnam. Just outside of Hanoi in northern Vietnam is an area filled with emerald waters and thousands of … Continue readingFloating Islands of Halong Bay

Glimpse – Zarautz, San Sebastian, Spain

This past weekend we traveled to San Sebastian, Spain. We had the opportunity to join a surf camp while we were there and traveled to a small city, called Zarautz, west of San Sebastian. With beaches, mountains, hills, cliffs, and beautiful sunsets, this city was beautiful. This picturesque city in the mountains was the perfect escape. I recommend watching the video in … Continue readingGlimpse – Zarautz, San Sebastian, Spain