Real Madrid Legends vs. Juventus

On Sunday, after returning from Barcelona, we visited the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium towards the east side of the city to attend the Real Madrid Legends vs. Juventus Charity Match. The current Real Madrid team is in Brazil for a match, but we decided to check out the stadium and attend the game regardless. On first glimpse, the stadium looks like … Continue readingReal Madrid Legends vs. Juventus

Geocaching in Madrid!

After the excitement from visiting the remains of the Expo in Sevilla, I was encouraged to check out if Madrid had any hidden mysteries. While I didn’t find any old structures similar to those in Sevilla, I did discover Geocaching. For those unfamiliar with it, Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. People navigate to a … Continue readingGeocaching in Madrid!

Palacio Real de Madrid

On Wednesday, we took a field trip to the Palacio Real de Madrid. Although the royal family doesn’t currently reside there, they use the building for state functions, weddings, funerals, and various events throughout the year, reserved only for the royal family. They currently reside in a less modest palace, the Zarzuela Palace, just outside of Madrid. Although the palace … Continue readingPalacio Real de Madrid

When you just need to relax in Madrid

After class on monday, we decided to get in the spirit of Spain and play “fútbol” in the courtyard inside of the University. While the basketball hoops didn’t seem to be in the greatest shape, you could definitely tell the field has been in use. It wasn’t too hot so we took some time to relax from a busy first … Continue readingWhen you just need to relax in Madrid

La Museo de Reina Sofia Madrid Spain

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to visit the Queen Sofia Museum in downtown Madrid. The museum showcases work from Picasso, Dalí, and Marí. We attended the museum to take a closer look at one of Picasso’s more famous paintings, the Guernica. Guernica was painted in 1937 by Picasso after he had fled Spain for France due to Dictator Franco’s … Continue readingLa Museo de Reina Sofia Madrid Spain

Mi Casa en Madrid – Studying in Spain

The past few days have been pretty exhilarating to say the least in Madrid. I’ve finally recovered from jet lag, and have begun exploring many of the different areas around my host family’s house. We live on a fairly quite street, but around the corner, is an entirely different view. I’ve come to learn that I live next to Senate Building and … Continue readingMi Casa en Madrid – Studying in Spain

So You’re About To Book Your First Solo Trip?

So you’re about to book your first solo trip. You have a thousand questions and anxieties running through your body. What will I do? How will I meet people? What if there’s an emergency? What will I eat? Where will I go? First! Take a step back. Breathe, it’ll be ok! My first real solo trip was my study abroad … Continue readingSo You’re About To Book Your First Solo Trip?

9 Lessons Learned From Solo Travel

I first started solo traveling when I started consulting with Accenture. I absolutely loved traveling since I’d studied abroad in Spain and France, and being a traveling consultant allowed me to take more trips and save money for my solo trips. One week, while I was staffed in St. Louis, I had the option to head back to San Francisco … Continue reading9 Lessons Learned From Solo Travel