SAFRON Propulsion Solide – Bordeaux, France

About a week ago we visited several companies in Bordeaux, including Safran. Although we weren’t able to talk pictures, they did give us a guided tour of their facility. The company is a large conglomerate of many smaller companies and is a fairly new company, forming very recently in 2005, but does business all over the world reaching markets in North … Continue readingSAFRON Propulsion Solide – Bordeaux, France

Airbus Tour – Toulouse, France

On Thursday we had the opportunity to visit Airbus at their Toulouse location. We were given a tour of their facilities and were guided through the process of construction and assembly at their factory. The Toulouse location does not deal specifically with the molding and construction of individual parts, but rather they deal with the final assembly, testing, and delivery … Continue readingAirbus Tour – Toulouse, France

La Villa Rouge – Toulouse, France

  It’s been one hell of a week. I arrived here last Thursday night, and it’s been quite a ride since. Toulouse is a beautiful city, with great people, and the program has kicked off with a great start. Not going to lie that it hasn’t been a struggle adjusting, but it’s been an experience. So far, when we haven’t been … Continue readingLa Villa Rouge – Toulouse, France

Summer in France – Le Projet Francois

Within the next hour, I will be on one of 3 connecting flights on my way to Toulouse, France, to spend the next 6 weeks taking classes in Aerospace Engineering, acquainting myself with some of the top Aerospace firms in Europe, and learning more about French Culture. While I’m not a stranger to traveling abroad, I can’t deny that I’m … Continue readingSummer in France – Le Projet Francois

9 Lessons Learned From Solo Travel

I first started solo traveling when I started consulting with Accenture. I absolutely loved traveling since I’d studied abroad in Spain and France, and being a traveling consultant allowed me to take more trips and save money for my solo trips. One week, while I was staffed in St. Louis, I had the option to head back to San Francisco … Continue reading9 Lessons Learned From Solo Travel

How Insurance Companies Are Using Drone Technology To Quickly Address Claims

This article is the first of a 3 part series covering how drones are being used in insurance, civil construction, and mining, and how it affects the people and processes within these organizations. This article has also been reposted on LinkedIn. Drones are increasingly being used in a variety of different industries, including Insurance. PwC calculates the global market for … Continue readingHow Insurance Companies Are Using Drone Technology To Quickly Address Claims

A Winter in Quito – 3 Startups Making A Difference

About a year ago today, I spent a winter in Quito, Ecuador in the hopes of understanding the nascent innovation economy in Latin America. I realized I hadn’t really written much about the trip, so I thought it would be best to explore and recount my experiences. Ecuador was my first trip to Latin America. It’s a tiny little country … Continue readingA Winter in Quito – 3 Startups Making A Difference