Riding the Cog Wheel Train Up The Montreux Riviera

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Following our quick trip through Interlaken, we spent some time in Montreux, Switzterland. This small town in the Swiss Alps is home to some of the world renowned winers, one of the which, the Chateau de Chillon, is an impressive example of a medieval castle. The make the wine in the basement of the castle and offers visitors breathtaking views of the Dents-du-Midi. You can walk along the main promenade overlooking the lake, ride the cogwheel train up the mountain (shown below), or just take a stroll through Old Montreux.

montreux, switzerland

Chillon Castle has about 40 barrels in their underground rooms (they looked more like dungeons), but their red wine was some of the best I’ve had in Switzerland. The castle’s vineyard is located in the Lavaux appellation region. It stretches out along the contours of Lake Geneva and benefits from the microclimate of Montreux.

Montreux, Switzerland

We decided to take the Cog wheel train up the mountain in Montreux. It’s about an hour and a half journey to the resort at peak, while offering stunning views of the region along the way.

When we arrived, it was during off season so the resort was closed, but we were presented with some spectacular views of Montreux and the lake. I even had the opportunity to take out my Mavic Air and filmed a quick video around the area. Check it out below:


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