Real Madrid Legends vs. Juventus

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On Sunday, after returning from Barcelona, we visited the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium towards the east side of the city to attend the Real Madrid Legends vs. Juventus Charity Match. The current Real Madrid team is in Brazil for a match, but we decided to check out the stadium and attend the game regardless.

On first glimpse, the stadium looks like any other stadium I’ve seen before, but the inside is an entirely different story. After spending about an hour clawing our way through the metro and the entrance, we found our seats atop the stadium, and the view was spectacular. The stadium was much larger than I had initially witnessed from the Real Cafe the Monday before.

Before we knew it, the game had ended as quickly as it had begun. Real Madrid won 2-1. The game was a good break from the hectic weekend and it was an experience unlike any I’ve experienced before.

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