A Winter in Quito – 3 Startups Making A Difference

About a year ago today, I spent a winter in Quito, Ecuador in the hopes of understanding the nascent innovation economy in Latin America. I realized I hadn’t really written much about the trip, so I thought it would be best to explore and recount my experiences. Ecuador was my first trip to Latin America. It’s a tiny little country … Continue readingA Winter in Quito – 3 Startups Making A Difference

Quito, Ecuador

It’s that time again. In less than 10 hours from now, I’ll be headed abroad once again. Destination: Quito, Ecuador. It might be the new year talking, but thinking back, I never really envisioned myself travelling abroad as much as I am. It may even be the best experiences of my undergraduate career. Coming into college, as a freshman I … Continue readingQuito, Ecuador

Summer in France – Le Projet Francois

Within the next hour, I will be on one of 3 connecting flights on my way to Toulouse, France, to spend the next 6 weeks taking classes in Aerospace Engineering, acquainting myself with some of the top Aerospace firms in Europe, and learning more about French Culture. While I’m not a stranger to traveling abroad, I can’t deny that I’m … Continue readingSummer in France – Le Projet Francois

San Fermin, Spain – Running Of The Bulls

This past weekend we took a trip to the northern city of Pamplona in the province of Navarra for the annual San Fermin Festival of the Running of the Bulls. Each year the city holds a week long festival in honor of Saint Fermin, a co-patron of Navarra. It is one of the most international recognized festivals in Spain. Over … Continue readingSan Fermin, Spain – Running Of The Bulls

Visiting Normandy on Independence Day

For two weeks before this trip we’ve been relaxing in Madrid after our many weeks of travel before, but this past weekend we took a trip to France. Also, I’m writing this post today in regards to Independence Day. Happy July 4th everyone. During our time in France we checked out Paris, Normandy, and Versailles. I’ve been to Paris once … Continue readingVisiting Normandy on Independence Day

Sevilla and Cordoba

Over this past weekend, a couple of friends and I took a weekend trip down to Sevilla and Cordoba. Sevilla is known for the being the location that Christopher Columbus set sail to the Americas on his first expedition. Cordoba is known for it’s architecture which derives it’s influence from Muslim culture. The weekend, overall, was quite an experience. We … Continue readingSevilla and Cordoba

Toledo, Spain – The Ancient City

On Saturday, we took a day long trip to Toledo, just southwest and a half-hour train ride from Madrid. We decided to take the scenic tour around Toledo, and it was beyond what I had expected. Toledo is truly a beautiful city. It rests on a hill surrounded by a river and large stone walls built throughout the centuries to keep out … Continue readingToledo, Spain – The Ancient City