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Have you ever wondered how someone else just like you, but raised in another culture, lives their day? The photography project is aimed at making that more transparent. How does a student in France, compare to myself in the US? How does a parent in France, compare to their counterparts in the US? These are the questions I hope to answer through this project. I hope to accomplish this by:

  • Interviewing students, parents, professors, in France to get to know more about their lives.
  • Document the interviews through videos, photographs, and short stories.
  • Compare and contrast them with their counterparts in the US.
  • Publish them online and develop a photo book that documents those experiences.

While this project currently aims at comparing the lives of people in France and US, I hope to, one day, expand the project to a global mission.

The project is currently live on Indiegogo.com and can viewed here at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/le-projet-francais/x/6262081

If you can’t contribute, I would greatly appreciate if you knew people around the world that would have excellent stories for the photo book. They don’t have to be the most interesting person in the world, but if I can gather stories from more people around the world to compare, that just makes for a far greater story to tell in the end. Even if you can’t contribute, please share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site you may use and help this project come to light!
This would be a continuation of the project “30 Amigos” that I worked on last summer. You can access my blog from last summer at “La Aventura Espanola” from the “Other Blogs” tab above. You can learn more about the “30 Amigos” Project at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_HoTS1jVJg.
Thank you for your support!

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