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JayMulakala.com/Jmulakala.com has gone through numerous iterations of the site before reaching the format I have for the site today. Over the course of a decade, I’ve been building and refining my graphic design and website development skills, and after (many) mistakes, and numerous website crashes, I landed on the current design. The site was designed for multiple purposes, to showcase my own website development and graphic design work, to offer website development and graphic design services, and to have a visual resume of my past work.
Aug 2009 – Present


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From Fall of 2013 to Spring of 2015, I was tasked by the Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC) at the University of Illinois to redesign parts of the site, including their homepage. For TEC’s homepage, they wanted to run a series of campaigns featuring campus startups, educational videos, and articles from experts around the community. I designed the above templates to showcase those features. In addition to the homepage, I redesigned many of their experiences pages, including the Cozad New Venture Competition pages and the Innovation LLC pages.
Sept 2013 – May 2015
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ILFoodSafety.com was designed to offer food safety certifications in Illinois and provide affiliate links to additional resources. It was designed on WordPress and has an integrated e-commerce store allowing customers to make real time purchases.

Feb 2014


Caluco.com was designed based off of a physical catalog of outdoor furniture. The client wanted an online site that would allow them to sell their furniture to a larger audience. The site was designed on WordPress and has an integrated e-commerce store.

Mar 2014


BORUApps.com was designed to offer vtiger product extensions to clients. The chicago based client wanted a site that reflected his chicago history and the site was designed to reflect that. I did a logo redesign for him as well to accompanied his rebranding.

May 2014

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This one-page website was designed for McCormick College for Facebook and other ads, allowing potential students to quickly learn about the college and fill out a form for more information. The webpage has since been taken down.

Sep 2014


The Fizz app allowed bar patrons to view bars, daily specials, and place orders, all within one app. The one-page website was designed to showcase the Fizz app and provided a link to the iOS app. The website has since been taken down.

June 2012


Snohassle was a small bike storage business that a friend and I started at UIUC. The site allowed students to register and pay for their bike storage over winter break or summer vacation. The website has since been taken down following the acquisition.

Nov 2014

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