FreeSkies is live!

Posted on is live!

FreeSkies was started as a project during a 54 hour Start-up Weekend event. After pitching the idea, we gained incredible support and placed in the competition, receiving space at the University of Illinois Research Park as well as some funding and access to local Venture Capitalists. The idea behind FreeSkies is to target the film industry and allow directors to gain more control over the vision they have for a scene, to cut costs, and to get a more realistic view of the director’s vision. If you’ve tried flying a quadcopter, you know how difficult it can be, let alone shooting video from out. Our software allows the user to pick points in space, specify a path easily, and watch the quadcopter follow a smooth pattern in 3D space, allowing the user to have smooth control over a quadcopter. We are currently working on the application at Research Park.

Drones are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. FreeSkies aims to simplify the process by developing a hybrid quadcopter, allowing the user complete control, while autonomizing complex functions during flight from path management to launch and landing. By developing smart drones, we will not only be able to use them to their full potential, but address concerns that keep the technology at bay.

You can find out more about FreeSkies HERE.

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