Dot Com Studio

Dot Com Studio was my first entrance into the E-commerce space. I drop-shipped products to customers around the world through my eBay store, earning Power-seller status, with over 500 positive reviews, and $25,000 in revenues over 2 years.

I started getting involved in E-commerce when my dad had signed up me for an eBay account back in middle school. I had a Nintendo Gamecube that I had been playing with for a few years, and I wanted to see if I can earn a little extra cash to buy the new PSP. I carefully took a few photos of the console, listed it on eBay, and sold it within 24 hours.

Since then I was hooked!

I started looking into new products to sell on eBay to earn a quick buck. I branded my company under my parent’s business name, UN Investments, and I bought cell phone screen protectors in bulk and sold them on eBay for $1 with about 50% margins. I’d painstakingly pack each and every single one, put stamps on the packages, get on my bike, and drop them off at the post office.

I was addicted! I needed to keep selling!

I looked at Alibaba and other inventory sites, but learned quickly I had no where near the cash I needed to build up an inventory. That’s when I ventured into the world of drop-shipping, allowing me to hold zero inventory, and ship items directly to my customers, without taking any of the risk associated with holding my own inventory.

I designed a few logos for my new business Dot Com Studio, built a few policies for shipping and returns, and listed over 100 products on eBay. Within 2 years, I had generated over $25,000 in revenues and serviced hundreds of customers. Not long after, I was preparing for college and had limited time to spend building the business, and eBay had started losing business to this up and coming online bookstore called Amazon. The return on investment wasn’t enough for me to continue the business, and I closed operations shortly after.