A Winter in Quito – 3 Startups Making A Difference

About a year ago today, I spent a winter in Quito, Ecuador in the hopes of understanding the nascent innovation economy in Latin America. I realized I hadn’t really written much about the trip, so I thought it would be best to explore and recount my experiences. Ecuador was my first trip to Latin America. It’s a tiny little country … Continue readingA Winter in Quito – 3 Startups Making A Difference

Quito, Ecuador

It’s that time again. In less than 10 hours from now, I’ll be headed abroad once again. Destination: Quito, Ecuador. It might be the new year talking, but thinking back, I never really envisioned myself travelling abroad as much as I am. It may even be the best experiences of my undergraduate career. Coming into college, as a freshman I … Continue readingQuito, Ecuador