Floating Islands of Halong Bay

During my last trip to South East Asia, Vietnam was pretty high up there on my list of places to visit. I’d just finished my trip through Thailand, visiting Pai, up in the mountains of northern Thailand, and had just arrived in Vietnam. Just outside of Hanoi in northern Vietnam is an area filled with emerald waters and thousands of … Continue readingFloating Islands of Halong Bay

Pai, A Hidden Gem in Northern Thailand

Thailand is one of my favorite countries in South East Asia to travel around. The culture, the cuisine and the organized chaos all combine to make one of the most popular spots for a range of backpackers and travelers from all over the globe. From the party island of South Thailand to the wild jungle of North Thailand. Last year, … Continue readingPai, A Hidden Gem in Northern Thailand

Top 10 Things to do in The Land of the Rising Sun – Tokyo

“Each complex is a small town, and their numbers make up this enormous capital. Like cells in a body, each contains identical elements, and the resulting pattern is an organic one.” – Donald Ritchie The nighttime lights in Tokyo are overwhelming. Billions of bright bulbs and boards begging for your attention, yearning for your Japanese yen. You think: ‘With all … Continue readingTop 10 Things to do in The Land of the Rising Sun – Tokyo


I travel quite a bit, but usually it’s either for work or I’m trying to find the cheapest, budget flight I can, but for my recent trip from Hong Kong to San Francisco I wanted to do something impulsive, so I booked First Class with Cathay Pacific. The retail cost of this flight is over $23,000 one-way. Naturally, I couldn’t afford … Continue readingMY $23,000 FIRST CLASS TICKET ON CATHAY PACIFIC