Entrepreneurship and Traveling Abroad

I found this article a few weeks ago before I headed to France and I thought about how it affects me and what I hope to achieve after graduation. I realized that there were benefits and consequences to immersing yourself in another culture, but that living abroad truly does open your mind to experiences that you may have never experienced … Continue readingEntrepreneurship and Traveling Abroad

1871 Start-up Weekend

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to attend the first ever 1871 Start-up weekend at the 1871 Start-up Incubator in downtown Chicago. 1871 is a collaborative space where Chicago’s brightest digital designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs are shaping the technical landscape. They provide a community, education, mentorship, and networks to digital start-ups to get their start in Chicago. They decided to … Continue reading1871 Start-up Weekend

The $2 Bill

A couple months ago, I heard about an independent filmmaker named Casey Neistat who lived in New York city. He’s been hired by Nike and even Mercedes-Benz for marketing campaigns and has made some pretty amazing videos. He has been my inspiration in everything from photography to just simple innovations in his studio. A little while ago, I watched his … Continue readingThe $2 Bill

The New Paradigm in Education

Since the age of enlightenment, higher education has always been for those wishing to expand their understanding of the world around them and the universe they live in. It has been for those who could afford to learn. Those who lived day to day could never afford such a luxury. Since then, there has been a paradigm shift in education. … Continue readingThe New Paradigm in Education

Send Stephen Hawking to Space

This Sunday, February 9th, a couple of students, along with Space For All Launch services, will be accomplishing a dream that one physicist has had for a long time. Professor Stephen Hawking is next to catch a ride on Space For All’s high altitude balloon launches, well at least an action figure with his likeness. Hawking has not only taught … Continue readingSend Stephen Hawking to Space

What Silicon Valley has taught me – Day 3

The following day we had the opportunity to visit GE Software, Bloc.io, and talk to Max Levchin and Affirm. GE Software is a relatively new operation. It is centered around leveraging leadership on sensors and controllers, modeling analytics and software development. We spoke to several alumni who currently are helping establish GE’s vision in the software industry. In addition to … Continue readingWhat Silicon Valley has taught me – Day 3

What Silicon Valley has taught me – Day 2

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to speak to a few more start-ups with Illinois roots. First up was Kelly Berger, CEO and Founder of Obseshen. They have since changed their name that I can’t recall at the moment, but essentially, Obseshen allows you to accessorize your room without hiring an interior designer. Kelly was born and raised in Illinois. … Continue readingWhat Silicon Valley has taught me – Day 2

What Silicon Valley has taught me – Day 1

On Monday we had the opportunity to stop by a few companies and talk to their founders about their own successes and failures and what we could learn from them. First up was Tom Siebel. He began his introduction by telling us that he had just been in a sailing accident in Mexico just 10 days before. You could tell … Continue readingWhat Silicon Valley has taught me – Day 1