Good Product Manager vs Bad Product Manager

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading “The Hard Thing about Hard Things”, a great book by Ben Horowitz, would definitely recommend for anyone working in fast growing companies or teams that are looking for advice across all facets of a business. As I was reading through the book, I came across an excerpt written by Ben titled “Good … Continue readingGood Product Manager vs Bad Product Manager

3 Ways Entrepreneurs and Consultants are Alike

Entrepreneurship and Consulting don’t usually go hand in hand. Entrepreneurship is all about taking necessary risks in order to develop, organize, and grow a startup, usually dealing with small businesses and other startups. Consultants are usually subject matter experts who share their knowledge and expertise to clients in order to add value to existing business functions for large corporations. For … Continue reading3 Ways Entrepreneurs and Consultants are Alike

10 Lessons Learned From A Venture Capitalist

Working on a start-up is one of the most self-fulfilling experiences you’ll ever encounter. Nothing ever goes as planned, you’ll fail numerous times, and you may experience some of the hardest moments in your life, but you learn at such a rapid pace that you either keep up, or be left behind. Many of my prior projects have failed, and … Continue reading10 Lessons Learned From A Venture Capitalist

How To Get More Done At Your Desk

A few days ago, one of my close friends, Ben Ng, wrote an article illustrating “How to get more done at your desk”. As a college entrepreneur himself, he has the experience and knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to being a college entrepreneur. He summarizes that it’s important to have a warm, humid environment, … Continue readingHow To Get More Done At Your Desk

Quito, Ecuador

It’s that time again. In less than 10 hours from now, I’ll be headed abroad once again. Destination: Quito, Ecuador. It might be the new year talking, but thinking back, I never really envisioned myself travelling abroad as much as I am. It may even be the best experiences of my undergraduate career. Coming into college, as a freshman I … Continue readingQuito, Ecuador

The Experience Bank

What is the meaning of life? No, I’m not trying to pose a question with a philosophical solution to the ultimate question, but it does beg the relatively simple question, “What do you want to do with your life?” Most people would say they want to have a stable job, a family, settle down, make a lot of money, retire, live happily, … Continue readingThe Experience Bank

FreeSkies is live! is live! FreeSkies was started as a project during a 54 hour Start-up Weekend event. After pitching the idea, we gained incredible support and placed in the competition, receiving space at the University of Illinois Research Park as well as some funding and access to local Venture Capitalists. The idea behind FreeSkies is to target the film industry and allow … Continue readingFreeSkies is live!

To Succeed, Be The One Everyone Can Count On

The CEO and Founder of the 1871 Start-up Incubator that I work at, Howard Tullman, recently had his article featured on the INC homepage. He talks about some basic skills everyone should have to be successful, whether it be in their careers, relationships, or their entrepreneurial endeavors. You can check out his inspiring article below: To Succeed, Be The One … Continue readingTo Succeed, Be The One Everyone Can Count On

Miss Possible – Dolls to Inspire Girls Across Generations

A few friends of mine have been working on a start-up called Miss Possible with the aim of inspiring girls to change the world by putting them in front of positive role models. They do this by using dolls of famous woman throughout history and allowing girls to interact with them through their app, allowing them to follow their story, … Continue readingMiss Possible – Dolls to Inspire Girls Across Generations

Entrepreneurship and Traveling Abroad

I found this article a few weeks ago before I headed to France and I thought about how it affects me and what I hope to achieve after graduation. I realized that there were benefits and consequences to immersing yourself in another culture, but that living abroad truly does open your mind to experiences that you may have never experienced … Continue readingEntrepreneurship and Traveling Abroad