3 Money Saving Tricks To Budget Travel

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Traveling, in general, can be expensive when you add up the hotels, restaurants, and activities. Sometimes it can be cheaper when you’re travelling with a group and can split hotel costs or transportation expenses, but just because you’re solo traveling doesn’t mean you need to break your wallet. After 300,000 miles, 24 countries, and hundreds of trips, I’ve learned ways to save up money while solo traveling. Here are 3 money saving tricks to solo travel on a budget!

1. Stay in Hostels, Stay in Hostels, Stay in Hostels!

I can’t say this enough. During my solo trips to Mexico City, Northern Thailand, and Halong Bay Vietnam, I always stayed in hostels. On average I was spending about $10 a day on housing in all of those countries. Not only can hostels help you meet you new people and try new activities, but they’re catered to solo travelers. Cheap beds, good food, affordable drinks, and fun activities on a budget. They’re designed for solo travelers and you can save big bucks when compared to staying in hotel in the same area. Stay in Hostels!

Want to find out more, check out my last article on the 6 Reasons Why I Love Hostels.

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2. Eat street food, it’s not as bad as you think it is!

When I was in Mexico City, I ate street tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each taco cost less than 50 cents. On average, I was spending about $5 a day on food thanks to eating street food. Not only do you save a lot of money, but you can also try a variety of different foods, explore local cuisine, and meet some locals.

Many people are afraid that they’ll get food poisoning or sick from eating street food, but keep mind that locals eat at these street vendors as well. And they’re doing just fine. Give it a try!

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3. Walk Around and Get a Subway Pass!

Ubers are incredibly easy to get in just about any city in the world these days, but they can add up quickly if you’re ubering or cabbing around the city all the time. Slow down a bit, walk around, an explore the city using your own two feet. If you’re in a fairly large city, like I was in Tokyo Japan, get a subway or metro pass. They don’t cost a lot and you can get one for the duration of your trip. You also get to meet locals and immerse yourself in local culture.

tokyo japan

While this is a brief list of ways I’ve saved money during my travels, there are hundreds more ways to solo travel on a budget. Anything in particular I missed or should add to the list? Comment below!

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