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I’m an avid traveler, entrepreneur, and dronie! I’ve flown over 500,000 miles, completed 2 around-the-world trips, and have visited 34+ countries. I’ve also jumped out of an AirForce Blackhawk Helicopter, broken into an Abandoned Worlds Fair park in Southern Spain, gambled with the big leagues at the Ritz Carlton in Macau, flew First Class on Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong to San Francisco, and meditated with Buddhist monks in the mountains of Japan.

I’ve founded several startups spanning digital e-commerce, bar hospitality, bike storage, and autonomous drones! Some of which have crashed spectacularly, while others were acquired. I’ve also worked on a variety of different projects, launching Captains Picard and Kirk into Space, and controlling drones using gesturesI’ve worked in sales, product, and consulting, with large enterprise companies, down to fast growing startups.

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